Email List for Medical and Healthcare Facilities

A prosthetic companies list of medical and health-related establishments and services can be found in b2bhealthtec's Medical and Healthcare Establishments mailing List. Our competitive and reliable list is intended especially for marketers who wish to target consumers in the healthcare industry.
With the help of our medical and health service facility email list, you can run error-free, seamless marketing campaigns that include pertinent information and the records of key decision-makers. We provide you with a targeted list that enhances the effectiveness of your campaigns by segmenting our database.

Incorporate the following categories into our Medical and Health Facility Email List:

  • Job Title
  • Names of Hospitals and Care Facilities
  • Divisions
  • The number of beds
  • Specialty Category Associations
  • Parent organization (health system)
  • Places in Space
  • Type of treatment
  • Personalize Your Health and Medical Services Establishment Specialty-based email list

    You can alter our list based on the following specializations to suit your needs as a business:

  • Medical Facilities
  • Dental Practices
  • Trauma Facilities
  • Chains of Nursing Homes
  • X-ray Diagnostic Centers
  • HMO/PPO Employee Level
  • Healthcare Facilities Diagnostic Imaging Centers
  • Healthcare market research companies
  • Centers for Primary Care
  • Multi-Hospital Systems/Group Purchasing Treatment Centers and Specialty Clinics
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Administrators of Nursing Homes
  • Blood Bank Facilities
  • Sub-Acute Care Facilities and Services for Cancer
  • Centers for Ambulatory Surgery
  • Renal Dialysis & Transplant Services Urgent Care Center Hospital
  • Emergency Department
  • Clinical trial companies
  • We regularly update, validate, verify, and sanitize our database to provide high-quality data. Choosing our Medical and Health Service Facility Mailing and Email List will increase your possibilities of growing your networks and improving your market exposure. Our tailored and specialized list is made up of information gathered from reliable sources to increase the number of replies your campaigns generate.

    Gain More Exposure to the Market

    With outstanding coverage in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia, b2bhealthtec expands the pool of clinical research companies who are willing to use your service.

    Medical Services Facilities No.of email Addresses available
    Cancer Centers And Services Email List 14500
    Urgent Care Centers Email List 5000
    Nursing Home Administrators Email List 4000
    Medical Institutions Email List 19500
    Dental Clinics Email List 15000
    Clinics Email List 6000
    Med Spa Email List 4500
    Diagnostic Imaging Centers Email List 8000
    Nursing Homes Email List 35000
    Assisted Living Facilities Email List 7000
    Primary Care Centers Email List 3000
    Subacute Care Centers Email List 5000
    Dental Laboratories Email List 17000
    Physical Fitness Facilities Email List 21500
    Blood Bank Centers Email List 1500
    X-Ray Laboratories Email List 2500
    Hospital Email List 160000
    Trauma Centers Email List 17500
    Ambulatory Surgery Centers Email List 7500

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