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Data management

Our data management services effectively gather, store, and secure data to help organize your database. A categorized and well-maintained contact list will help you grow your clientele.

Data Appending

We complete your database's missing pieces and offer thorough contact details for your prospects. Accurate data reduces bounce rate and increases response rate.

Data Verification

At b2bhealthtec, we verify information both manually and automatically before publishing it to the master database. Delivering customized promotional messages and items to the appropriate prospect at the appropriate moment is made possible by our verified and validated data.

Leveraging advanced technology



Through proactive research, connecting transactional data, handling daily customer requests, importing reliable industry and government sources, and carrying out both automatic and manual quality assurance, we continuously update, verify, and validate our data.


Re-login to the provider and company profiles. Your experience with b2bhealthtec is instantly enhanced by Live Access, which offers a portal for managing volume, submitting requests, and saving job status.

Self-Service Data Correspondence

To use our platform, just drag and drop your previous database file. Find new clients, amend emails, standardize data, and identify duplicate records.


Using our certified partner integration, you can establish a direct connection with the leading brands in CRM and expenditure management.


Reach 4.5 million medical professionals, including doctors, who have chosen to receive compliant, medically relevant information.

6000 M

Company Profiles

500 M


300 M

C-Level Contacts

280 M

Phone Numbers

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Finding the ideal opportunities for you

The goal of b2bhealthtec is to provide databases that precisely match your needs. Based on the target region, job title, industry, staff size, and revenue, we ascertain your company's demands.

Our manually validated data fields, which include contact name, mobile number, email ID, and more, will help you get in touch with important decision-makers. Keep an eye out for your prospects' problems and draw them in with a solution.

Utilize our database, which guarantees an accuracy of 98% and higher, to turn leads into paying customers and propel your sales pipelines toward potential growth. Convert leads into income producers with the most recent data, which is updated once every thirty days!


Our solution incorporates unique feature to highlight its significance